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Erik Cross unsolved homicide from Vicksburg, MI

***I am NOT involved in any investigative matters related to this case.***

Link to Crime Watch Daily Episode on Erik Cross:


This blog is going to focus on an unsolved homicide from Vicksburg, MI.  For anyone who may not be aware Vicksburg, MI is a small town about 15 mins south of Kalamazoo, MI.  Vicksburg is a typical small town in MI, people know each other and small town secrets are kept.  Such is the case with the homicide of this gentle soul, Erik Cross.  Here is a little bit of history about the Cross family.  The family originated from the Grand Blanc, MI area, they moved to Vicksburg, MI for a job opportunity the elder Mr. Cross had in Vicksburg.  

Imagine, as a parent, walking out to retrieve the Sunday Paper and finding your child mangled at the end of your driveway.  That is what happened to this poor family.  

Below are the facts known and can confirm as fact:
  • June 25, 1983 a graduation party was held near Erik Cross's home. 
  • Erik was seen flirting with Amber Thomas at the party (Brenton Spaulding's girlfriend at the time).
  • Erik was seen leaving the party at approximately 0100 on June 26, 1983.
  • Erik was seen talking to people parked at an old grocery store parking lot on his route home.
  • Erik continued the walk to his home and tried obtaining entry into his home, but the door was locked.  
  • Erik was approached by people, with poor intentions.
  • Between the hours of 0115 and 0530 Erik was:
    • Severely beaten
    • Tied to a car and dragged
    • Run over by said car
    • Left in driveway to die
  • Erik's father walked to get the morning paper and found his son in the roadway.
  • A neighbor who worked at the hospital attempted to revive Erik, but it was too late.
  • In 2016 5 persons of interest were named:
    • Brenton Spaulding
    • Amber Thomas
    • Bill Cook
    • Tim Martin
    • Brian Spaulding (Brenton's Father)
  • NOBODY has been charged in this case
  • The case is currently in the hands of the Attorney General's Office.
If you know something please come forward, all that may be needed is a small piece of information to allow this family to see justice.

Erik Stirling Cross
Date of Death 6/26/83


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