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Building a Business

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback on the TV interview.  Many people have texted, messaged and phoned nice comments. I appreciate all of you for the kind words.

I am going to provide a little background on me, without sharing a lot of personal information.  I have a M.A in Forensic Psychology and a MSW.  In other words, I am educated. 

However, going through the motions of business building is not easy.  Someone texted me and told me I needed an editor for my blog.  I asked if my grammar was atrocious and they provided their opinion of "its not great".  Sure my grammar is not 100%, however I enjoy the authenticity of my blog, this is me.  I guess my point is maybe I need thicker skin too, unsolicited opinions will come often. 

The next aspect of my business world is marketing.  Ironically, marketing starts with a "M" just like money.  I need a webpage, those are incredibly expensive.  Go Daddy is 1800$ to build a webpage, I am sure the page would be amazing however that is a LOT of money.  So if any of my blog readers know of someone who can build a webpage for a reasonable price, please send them my way.  I made an attempt at building a webpage on my own and nearly threw my computer out the window.  I don't understand coding and "stuff", I don't know what else to call whatever I was trying to do.  There is a class in Kazoo on upgrading your business Facebook page, which I will take. 

In short, building a business is incredibly difficult but I will be successful.  I am stubborn, old and determined.  Jae Investigations will be successful, because the other alternative is not an option.

"Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense."
-- Winston Churchill