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On Line Dating Scary Statistics--STAY SAFE

Again, my mission owning and operating Jae Investigations LLC. is to help keep people safe out there.  On line dating can be scary and intimidating.  If you read my first blog, I hope you understand my mission about keeping you safe.  As I mentioned previously, if your gut is telling you something listen, gut feelings are called intuition for a reason :-).  My gut hasn't been wrong yet.....Ok maybe my gut needs some fine tuning, but I have never been wrong regarding staying safe.  Finding "the right one" my gut stinks LOL! 

Anyway, if you gut is telling you something call me and we can figure out if there is something out there concerning.  Of course, there may be a time I can't find everything, but at least you will know you tried.  Trust me, I am pretty good at finding "dirt" out on people.  Please read the statistics below and give me a call...269-719-0233 text is OK too.  Email is OK too,

1. According to an article I read 1/10 sex offenders use dating sites to meet new people.  Additionally the article reported  25% of rapists use online dating peruse for victims (Mayer, 2019).
2. Estimated 10% of online profiles are fake (Mayer, 2019).  Do you know who you are really talking with?  
3. Same article cited 16,000 abductions, 100 murders and countless rapes are committed by on-line predators (Mayer, 2019).
4. 2011-- 50 Million in damages to people scammed by on-line fake profiles (Mayer, 2019).
5. There is a reason shows like Catfish exist.  An estimated 53% of profiles are exaggerated (Mayer, 2019).
6. The same article estimates 1/2 of people with a dating profile are in a relationship, while 11% are married (Mayer, 2019). 
(Mayer, B. (2019, October 3). "The Dangers of Online Dating" - (7 Statistics & 5 Ways to Protect Yourself). Retrieved from


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