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Here is my story of why I have found importance in knowing who you are talking to on line.  This is also the primary reason I have chosen to focus my business on keeping women/men safe in the dating world.  Hopefully this blog will help you understand the importance of completing a background check on who you may/may not be dating.

My long term boyfriend and I broke up in June 2019.  The break up was difficult and left me heartbroken, I loved my ex boyfriend beyond measure.  As a coping mechanism for the break up, I dove right into the dating world, well lets use the dating world loosely.  By dating world I mean creating profiles on internet/phone apps.  The attention from men kept my mind from pining for my ex boyfriend, my heart remained with him, but I knew the importance of moving on.

I started talking with one person we shall call "Matt", not real name.  Matt was not really my type, but I didn't want to be narrow minded so I continued talking with Matt.  Inevitably Matt and I exchanged phone numbers and started texting, no harm in that right?  My gut was telling me something was off with Matt, still I figured my broken heart was guiding my gut so I ignored my intuition (Don't do that!).

Keep in mind Matt attends a prestigious university, which I question how he was admitted as the admittance to this university is beyond difficult.  I figured the university would complete a criminal background check so I waited before I ran my personal check.  I continued talking with Matt against my better judgement.

Matt wanted to meet, I didn't like the idea... at all honestly.  Being a private investigator my natural step prior to meeting someone is to run a background check.  However, prior to even agreeing to meeting Matt I ran a background check and was SHOCKED!

Matt had multiple domestic violence charges, charges of with holding electrical devices (most likely prevented victim from calling police), multiple evictions, federal court charges and one of the most scary charges was CSC.  CSC is an acronym for Criminal Sexual Conduct, Matt's charge was 1st degree which means penetration with at least one contributing factor.

I let Matt know I would not be talking to him anymore, at this point I was a little nervous.  Matt had my phone number, many pieces of private information can be located by your phone number (address, full name).  You may ask why didn't you "ghost" Matt?  Matt was relentless, multiple text messages and phone calls.  Actions as the one previously described are absolute turn offs for me.  My thought was if I "ghost" him he may try and find me, paranoid sure.

Matt then said "you looked up my record didn't you?" followed by Matt asking me which record did you look up?

In shock I asked how many do you have?  Most people should let this go, but not me...I wish I had not asked.

This is an absolutely true story.  I changed a few details to protect identities.  My point is ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT!  What if I had met Matt not knowing what I was able to find out?


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